Choose MBA in Human Resource Management for Your Bright Career

Choose MBA in Human Resource Management for Your Bright Career

Current Generation Companies are in the trend of increasing manpower to boost productivity and achieving targets ahead of time but as the workforce increases there is need to for the management of the employees and this a necessity which is growing trend in every company not matter what the sector of work has given a big boost in the scope of attaining MBA in Human Resource Management as a top degree in the global scenario.

Human Resourse Management-2

The increasing demand for Human Resource personnel has led to an increase in the number of admissions in HRM. More students are now opting for MBA in Human Resource Management. HRM is a bright and blue collared career with giving equal opportunities for men and women. Undergraduates with the degree in Technical as well as Non-Technical background can opt for MBA in HRM. HRM teaches how to utilize and optimize the workforce for the benefit of the company; also it gives the ability to run a company. HR personnel form a separate department in most firms and get promoted sooner than their opposite number in the same firm. MBA in HRM gives the pursuant a secure job since it’s usually the HR personnel who are an important factor for deciding the workforce of a firm.

MBA in Human Resources can land you in a job of Managerial or Administrative positions in any sector be it Oil Fields, Energy Corporations, Consultancies, Government Bodies etc., Other kinds of jobs like employee recruitment services, manpower supply, placement cells in colleges, Training Services for company personnel, Relationship Management and many more, some even acquire the capability to run their own firm.


MBA in HR covers topics related to management of the people and few finance and commerce related subjects like Ethics and Responsibility, Competitive Strategy, Managerial Economics and Statistics, People Management, Decision Models and Uncertainty, Financial Accounting, Government and Legal FrameWorks for Business, Financial Management, Macro-Economics, Organizational Change, Company Hierarchy, Power and Influence, Management Communication, Operations Management, Supply Chain, Managerial Statics and some electives in order to give a feel or other subject which are directly or indirectly related to Human Resources.

Human Resourse Management

The course is usually a 2-year program with options to take it full-time or part-time and some in the form of dual degree clubbed with a UG course which. There are also options for doing as correspondence and online but these tracks don’t provide the optimum benefit.

In short MBA in Human Resource is one of the top degrees in the world and every undergraduate willing to move up in the higher

levels of a firm or wishes to start his or her own should definitely pursue it.

Information About Online MBA in Operations Management

Information About Online MBA in Operations Management

MBA (Masters of business administration) is a degree, which was introduced by the United States in the early 20th century. It is a two-year program and after securing the degree the student is liable to get a good job in the corporate world, or even for starting their own setup this two-year program provides a great help to grow in your business. MBA can be performed on various topics but we are here to discuss MBA in Operations Management, as Masters in Operation Management is showing great growth rate in employment. It relates to the designing, mapping and tracking the processes. Alternatively, in a simpler way, it can be described as the process starting from the creation and ends up delivering the product and the services.

Syllabus covering in MBA/Masters in Operations Management

Operations Management
The syllabus of MBA in Operations Management is divided into four semesters, which held in every six months of the two-year program.
In the First semester, the students have to study the following subjects stated, Management Concepts, Statistics for Management, Economic Analysis for Business, Organizational Behavior, Communication skills, Accounting for Management, and Legal Aspects of Business.
The Second semester consists of Production and Operation management, Marketing Management, Human Resource Management, Financial Management, Information Management, Quality Management, and Business Resource methods.

The Third Semester includes Applied Operations Research, International Business Management, Strategic Management, Enterprise Resource Planning, Supply Chain Management, Logistics, and Product design and development.

The Fourth Semester, which is the last one, includes, Project Management, Robust design, Business process Management, Materials Management, Maintenance Management, and have to submit a project work in their relevant specializations.

Eligibility for MBA/Masters in Operations Management
The eligibility requirement for this program is any student who had a Bachelors degree in any stream from a recognized university and has secured 55% or more during their bachelors can easily apply for the program.

Apart from a bachelor degree the students also have to clear the exams organized by the management institutes. The exams are CAT, CMAT. To avail good colleges they have to secure above 95 percentile as the cut-off of these exams are high. On an average, the fees charged for the two-year program is ranges from 4 to 17 lacs.

Scope of MBA/Masters in Operations Management
A two-year program of Masters in Operations Management teaches you, how you can optimize the resources and the various techniques related to the cost-cutting. The subjects involved in the program are the interesting ones and with this knowledge, the corporate world warmly welcomes you with open hands. The options that are available to you are Supply Chain Manager, Logistic Manager, Consultant, Inventory Control Manager and others too. The growth rate of employment in this field is increased from 8% to 14%. This is the best choice of subject for the one looking for MBA.

Top 5 Management Colleges in India

Nothing will give you joy like training with the best when it comes to MBA across the world. With the ever-changing environment in the courses that are offered in different Colleges especially in MBA, standardization and ranking are important for healthy competition.

The ranking and control are important to help keep pace with the global market requirement and delivery of management education. The process of accrediting any Best MBA colleges especially in India is perfectly done which has resulted in better results in the market today. The students who have gotten the privileges to interact with these great colleges have shown consistency, higher and better placements with more readiness to the industry.


The struggle for the top of the list when it comes to being among the best MBA Colleges has led to the increase in quality of education. The diversity that is being experienced in these colleges relates well with different demands in the market today and in the future.

  1. Indian Institute of Management
    With an excellent history when it comes to quality of education IIM has been on the lead when it comes to education transformation.


Though many have raised complains about the fee that is attracted to the Top MBA            courses in IIM, the reward obtained is worth paying the amount. The programs that          are provided in the in the college develops student in an all-around manner making           them the perfect resources for the market.

2. LM Thapar School of Management
The departmental organization of the college has contributed largely to how it’s rated and the value delivered to the students.

LM Thapar

Though the list on ranking considers many other elements the ability expressed LM Thapar School of Management depending on the candidates for MBA feedback, the college still has more to offer. The college has invested in some of the best professors across the world to handle MBA courses and admission to the institution will automatically give you a better ranking.
3. Xavier School of Management
The world renown college, Xavier School of Management gives not only India hope but the whole world and is among the top when looking at Top MBA Colleges in India. When considering general management or human resource management the college has become a destination to those looking to perfect on MBA training.
4. Management Development Institute
With many years of operation in India, the college has become the top choice for many students across the world. The courses at the college are tailor-made according to the demands of the market today making them very effective.

5. The private B-school
The private B-school has also emerged strongly with the course offered such as PGDM and AICTE programs. The school offers the best at an affordable fee as compared to many other colleges in India. Though the MBA courses at some of its branches are meant for the engineering students the school has been strict when it comes to terms of joining the college. The list is important to those who are new in India or from any part of the world and want to get the best when it comes to MBA.

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TIET Grabs Major Industrial R&D Project Funded by NTPC

Fly ash has become an increasing concern in recent years. By 2021-22, the thermal power sector is estimated to produce 300 million tonnes of fly ash a year.

TIET is happy to announce that National Thermal Power Corporation (NTPC) has entrusted our Particle and Bulk Solids Research Group from the Dept. of ME with the responsibility of executing a major industrial research and development project to improve design standards for fly ash pneumatic conveying systems for large-size coal-fired thermal power plants.

The project, titled ‘On Developing Reliable Scale-up Procedures and Design Optimization for Pneumatic Fly Ash Conveying Systems for 500/800/1000 MW Units’ has been sanctioned a grant of Rs. 1.15 crores. Dr. S. S. Mallick (PhD, UoW Australia) will be heading the project as the Principal Investigator, with support from Dr. Gautam Setia, Dr. Anu Mittal and Mr. Atul Sharma.

The aim of the project is to help NTPC design reliable and energy-economic dry fly ash industrial storage and transport systems, reduce industrial water usage, and curb air and water pollution associated with fly ash.

TIET winning an industrial research and development project, entrusted by NTPS Limited


About TIET

Thapar Institute of Engineering and Technology (TIET) is one of India’s oldest and finest educational institutions, which provides a steady source of highly skilled talent to the nation as well as overseas. Founded in 1956 with a campus spread across a sprawling 250 acres, Thapar Institute of Engineering & Technology, located in Patiala, has been a pioneer in engineering education, research, and innovation.

Visit Thapar Institute OF Engineering And Technology:

Prof. Prakash Gopalan, Director, TIET on BE Computer Sc. & Engg. | Thapar Institute , Patiala

BE Computer Sc. & Engg. at TIET is now extended to our Dera Bassi campus! Watch Mr. Prakash Gopalan, Director, TIET talk about its curriculum, pedagogy, and infrastructure.

For more information on Thapar Institute of Engineering and technology visit:

World Youth Skills Day: Importance of Skills Training

Every year, World Youth Skills Day is observed globally on July 15 to inform and enlighten people about the importance of investing in skill development for the youth.

According to UN, the youth today – continuously exposed to lower quality of jobs and lives – is three times more likely to be unemployed than adults. Skill development is absolutely essential for their success, as well as their nation’s. A country with an ideal skilled force can reach great heights by creating value in the world.

World Youth Skills Day- Importance of Skills Training.png

Firm believers in the power of skilled nations, we at PCF strive endlessly to develop the youth of our country. To promote the talent and build the skills of the underprivileged youth, our very own Sardar Kulwant Singh Chadha Skills Academy hones their potential and provides them skill training and employment in security services, facilities management and hospitality training. We not only help them acquire the right expertise, but also help them follow their dreams and change their lifestyle for the better. Continue reading “World Youth Skills Day: Importance of Skills Training”

Unemployment on the Rise in India: The Problem, Causes, and Solutions

India recently reclaimed the tag of “world’s fastest growing economy” from China. With a GDP growth rate of 7.2% in 3rd quarter of FY 2017, India has surpassed every other developing or developed economy by a huge margin. Though it sends a positive message throughout the economy, there is one index on which India’s performance is continuously worsening; that is unemployment. India’s rate of employment has declined steeply, and job creation has not been at par with working-age population.

Youth Employment

According to a recent report from Labour Bureau, an attached office under Ministry of Labour and Employment, India has the largest unemployed population in the world. In the inclusive growth index, we are at number 60, far behind our neighbours. (Source: Outlook)

65% of the Indian population has an average age of less than 35 years. Such a large young population could be our strength if put to employment, which is unfortunately not the case. The unemployment rate in India hit its highest level in March at 6.23%, according to the Centre for Monitoring Indian Economy (CMIE), an independent think-tank. Clearly, the situation is quite distressing. Continue reading “Unemployment on the Rise in India: The Problem, Causes, and Solutions”

PHD Courses 2018 — Admission Open

PHD Courses 2018 — Admission Open

Education is vital to sustain life and today in the twenty
first century, each and every entity seeks to endeavor on higher aspects of education. Some are prone to research methodologies and seek to enlighten
themselves about every inch of information for their vested interests and other vouchers for jobs and career modes through the prospects of higher education.


In the volumes of higher education, there is presence of a PhD course, which
provides a doctored identity to an educated person. It is the last mode of
higher education, which is usually done after a master program in any field and it enables the users to carry on their research for a longer duration and
through it, they can get jobs or become senior officials of any department of
their countries. This article shall assess the significance of a PhD course,
when it can be qualified for and what are the prospects of being a PhD scholar.

PHD Admission 2018 -Open At LM Thapar School

Students of any field, nowadays, usually pursue a PhD program
to acquire the benefits of their research and often, in South Asian countries,
students tend to set a goal of doing job in their nations. Top PhD programs of
the world are the PhD programs in engineering, medicine and literature and the top colleges that offer them are: Stand Ford University, University of
California, Cornell University, Northwest University and University of Michigan.

PhD provides strong edifices of learning, research and career-making goals at
every phase of life. A student, who is a learner of an engineering program will
do a master program first and then for getting gain in his research, he would
follow a PhD program. That PhD would lead him to a higher position in his
career and he can become an associate professor in his university and can avail the livelihood of a teacher. Furthermore, he can become a senior official if he wants to do job and can enjoy remarkable salaries to carry out his life for
better purposes. Thus, a PhD course can provide an acme in research for the
student and can provide efficient money livelihoods for the student as well.

Next comes a PhD program. Usually, there is a not a big difference between a program and a course but in intrinsic details, a PhD
program can be the staircase of reaching a higher position in a students’
career. For an instance, a medical student can assess various medical programs concerning botany or zoology but a PhD course would specify the student on one objective. Furthermore, a program is composed of many courses for the students and through it, the student can avail significant courses in PhD for a bright career. In the first world, there are many PhD programs that offer amazing courses for the individuals through it and according to educational census, the students are glorifying their careers through the emblem of PhD courses.

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Thus, to conclude the discussion PhD programs are composition of PhD courses and both the courses and programs provide research mechanisms and job-careers for the students.

Admission open for PHD Courses in 2018

Education is vital to sustain life and today in the twenty-first century. each and every entity seeks to endeavor on higher aspects Of education Some are to research methodologies and seek to enlighten themselves about every inch of information for their vested interests and other vouchers for jobs and career modes through the prospects Of higher education.

In the volumes of higher education, there is the presence of a Ph.D. course, which provides a doctored identity to an educated person It is the last mode of higher education. Which is usually done after a master program in any field and it enables the users to carry on their research for a longer duration and through it. they can get jobs or become senior officials of any department of their countries This article shall assess the significance Of a Ph.D. course. when it can be qualified for and what are the prospects of being a Ph.D. scholar.

Students of any field, nowadays, usually pursue a Ph.D. program 2018 to acquire the benefits of their research and often. in South Asian countries. Students tend to set a goal Of doing the job in their nations It provides strong edifices of learning, research and career-making goals at every phase of life A student. who is a [garner of an engineering program will do a master program first and then for getting gain in his research. he Would follow a Ph.D. program

That Ph.D. would lead him to a higher position in his career and he can become an associate professor in his university and can avail the livelihood of a teacher. Furthermore. he can become a senior Official if he wants to do the job and can enjoy remarkable salaries to carry out his life for better purposes Thus, a Ph.D. course 2018 can provide an acme in research for the student and can provide efficient money livelihoods for the student as well.

Next comes a Ph.D. program. Usually. there is a not a big difference between a program and a course but in intrinsic details, a Ph.D. program can be the staircase of reaching a higher position in a students’ career For an instance. a medical Student can assess various medical programs concerning botany or zoology but a Ph.D. course would specify the student on one objective Furthermore. a program is composed of many courses for the students and through it. the student can avail significant courses in Ph.D. for a bright career.

In the first world, they are many Ph.D. programs that offer amazing courses for tho individuals through it and according to the educational census. the students are glorifying their careers through the emblem Of Ph.D. courses. Thus. to conclude the discussion Ph.D. programs are the composition of Ph.D. courses and both the courses and programs provide research mechanisms and job-careers for the students

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Ph.D Admission 2018 Open – LM Thapar School of Management

Ph.D Admission 2018 Open – LM Thapar School of Management

In order to be successful in a field in which you have been taken education since high school, you have to follow the courses of a University, a University known for its quality and its students is better for you. But, usually, the courses of the University are not enough, so, there is almost mandatory to get into a Master Degree program because, in doing so, you will learn more about the actual news and developments from the field you want to activate on, and you will be able to have an easier climbing in a future company or corporation. Until now, you can declare yourself thankful if you want to be stuck in a company for your whole life, but if you want more, there is an opportunity for you in a Ph.D. Program. Not only that you will start to do research and contribute to the development of the field you are willing to work on, but you will also be part of a classic company of genius minds that finished a Ph.D. Program, and now, are found in the most important research programs all over the world.


Here, at LM Thapar School of Management, we offer an interesting Ph.D. Program for the students that want to be part of our family after finishing their Master Degree. This program is configured in residential mode and provides a stimulating company and field of work in order to allow the participants to the program to give freedom to their creational skills. Also, we encourage our Ph.D. students to contribute to the advancement of management by ensuring practice and research programs for them.

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We also allow the students to learn on interdisciplinary domains, apart from their original specialization, in order to be able to complete a full set of skills and knowledge, not only on the domain that they opted to follow but on the neighboring areas too.

The Ph.D. Admission 2018 program has been open, so all students who are willing to join us are invited to participate in this program by sending to us their papers. Our Ph.D. Courses will cover a lot of various domains and fields of work, and in each and every one of them, by attending to our courses, you will be able to become a trustful and resourceful researcher, in order to bring your contribution to the evolution of Management.

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Full Time MBA at LM Thapar School of Management – Admissions Open for 2018-20 Batch

Full Time MBA at LM Thapar School of Management – Admissions Open for 2018-20 Batch

Great news, LM Thapar School of Management had opened its admission for their 20th batch of students for MBA courses. They are aiming to make a long journey for them to be able to make great ideas, for them to train minds. With their MBA courses they are to get their goal in developing their corporate and community leaders as well who have great personalities to build a New India and with this, MBA admission 2018 is now open.
The LM Thapar School of Management is one of the best MBA colleges as it is the 26th rank among the 100-engineering institutes in India. They make sure that on their undergraduate and postgraduate programs only have a strong emphasis on research. The LM Thapar School of Management also makes some collaboration with some foreign universities for them to give out the best for all their students.

They have the top MBA courses that have the aim of ethical decision making, human resources management, and entrepreneurial development. Their MBA program actually focuses on making an entrepreneurial mindset, analytical thinking, global orientation and of course consultative approach for them to solve the most challenging and difficult situations and problems that are actually facing by policymakers and corporation.
They have high standards on making responsible professionals, and future leaders who have the ability to make communications in the most effective way for them to isolate problems and eventually provide a better solution.
MBA Program They Offer

  • Marketing and Business Consulting
  • Entrepreneurship and Family Business
  • Finance
  • Information Systems
  • Educational Management and Leadership


  • Operations


  • Human Resource and Management
  • Energy and Sustainability

LM Thapar School Of Management-Admission 2018

Aside from the MBA program of LM Thapar School of Management, they also have established a doctoral program for their all their students who want have the advance knowledge. This had been established for them to make sure that they provide great learning for all their students who are under this program. The doctoral programs they offer are:

  • Ph.D. (Residential)
  • Ph.D. (For Executives)
  • M.Phil.

MBA admissions 2018 – 20 batch is now open for any registration. If you want to apply you can go ahead and visit their contact details or their admission helpline for MBA programme.

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  • Email:
  • Phone number: +91-01762394550 /+91-82880-26129 / +91-82880-26130

And if you want to apply on their Ph.D. or MPHIL program, you can go ahead and contact this following contact information.

  • Email:

Or you can also visit their website for your online application at

8 best colleges, universities for engineering in North India

8 best colleges, universities for engineering in North India

Most science students in India opt for engineering after Class 12; a career in engineering is preferred by many as it offers an exciting variety of job opportunities.

There are many engineering colleges in the country that offer high standards of education and many of them are located in North India.

Here’s everything about 8 such top colleges, institutes, and universities for engineering.

The IITsEvery engineering aspirant dreams of getting into the IITs

The Indian Institutes of Technology (IITs) are undoubtedly the most prestigious institutes for engineering.

Top IITs in North India are at Delhi, Kanpur (Uttar Pradesh), Roorkee (Uttarakhand), Ropar (Punjab), Mandi (Himachal Pradesh). They offer Bachelor of Technology (BTech) degree in various disciplines, including Aerospace, Chemical, Civil, Computer Science, Electrical, and Mechanical engineering.

Admission depends on the two-stage Joint Entrance Examination – JEE-Main and JEE-Advanced.

The NITsThe NITs are also among premier institutes for engineering

The National Institutes of Technology (NITs) are considered the second-best institutes for engineering in India after IITs.

NITs in North India include those in Delhi, Kurukshetra, Hamirpur, Srinagar, Uttarakhand and Motilal Nehru National Institute of Technology Allahabad, Malaviya National Institute of Technology Jaipur, Dr. BR Ambedkar National Institute of Technology Jalandhar.

Students are admitted to the undergraduate BTech courses at NITs through JEE-Main.

The IIITsAbout the Indian Institutes of Information Technology

Indian Institutes of Information Technology (IIITs) are popular technical institutions in the country after IITs and NITs.

There are 23 IIITs in the country that are focused on information technology. The IIITs in Allahabad, Kota, Una, Sonepat, and Lucknow are in North India and among the best institutes.

Admissions to BTech at IIITs are based on JEE-Main performance and through Joint Seat Allocation Authority.

BITS PilaniBITS Pilani, one of the most prestigious institutes in India

Birla Institute of Technology and Science (BITS) in Rajasthan’s Pilani is a renowned deemed university founded in 1964.

The prestigious institute offers eight undergraduate engineering courses, including Bachelor of Engineering (Hons.) in Civil Engineering, Electrical and Electronics Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Electronics and Instrumentation, Computer Science, Manufacturing, and Integrated BE+MSc Tech (General Studies).

Admission is based on all-India BITS Admission Test (BITSAT) performance.

DTUDelhi Technological University, one of the best technological universities

Delhi Technological University (formerly Delhi College of Engineering), established in 1941, is also among the most sought-after institutes for engineering in North India.

At the undergraduate level, the DTU offers BTech in various subjects, including Electrical, Mechanical, Civil, Electronics and Communication, Electrical and Electronics, Biotechnology, Information Technology, and Polymer Science and Chemical Technology among others.

Admission is done on the basis of JEE-Main score.

Thapar UniversityThe Thapar Institute of Engineering and Technology in Patiala


Thapar Institute of Engineering and Technology (Thapar University) is a deemed university in Patiala established in 1956.

Courses offered include BE in Civil Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Computer Engineering, Electronics & Communication Engineering, Electronics and Computer Engineering, Electronics (Instrumentation & Control) Engineering, Mechanical Engineering (Production), Mechatronics, and BTech in Biotechnology.

It admits students to engineering courses based on the JEE-Main score.

Apply Now For Thapar BE-Btech Program 2018:

NSIT DelhiAbout the popular Netaji Subhas Institute of Technology

Netaji Subhas Institute of Technology (NSIT) in Delhi, affiliated to Delhi University, is among most preferred engineering colleges in North India. It was established in 1983 as the Delhi Institute of Technology.

The institute offers Bachelor of Engineering (BE) program in subjects like Electronics and Communication, Computer Science, Mechanical, Information Technology, Biotechnology among others.

Students are admitted on the basis of their JEE-Main performance.

PEC ChandigarhPunjab Engineering College University of Technology, Chandigarh

The Punjab Engineering College University of Technology (PEC) in Chandigarh is one of the pioneering engineering colleges in Punjab; established in 1921, it’s among the best technical universities in North India.

It offers Bachelor of Engineering course in Civil, Electrical, Mechanical, Aerospace, Electronics & Communication, Material & Metallurgical, Production & Industrial, and Computer Science & Engineering.

Admissions are based on JEE-Main performance.

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Why you need to be updated in your JEE information

Why you need to be updated in your JEE information

An era is changing and so is the competition, so how can we forget the one field with most competition over the last few years?

The B.E/BTech field, with its tremendous following and real-life application, is one of the most significant attractions for children of today. If we go on the old sayings about education, then we can confidently say that an Engineer and a doctor never goes the empty stomach. But what makes society say so? Let’s have a look

  • With a developing IT sector and its importance in today’s world, how can India stay behind? India has one of the largest IT sectors in the world, providing ample of employment in the country.
  • Reputation and Status is what drives people to do their best and BTech is one of the most respected degrees in the field having influential people of the highest status and a guaranteed job, no matter how small it is.
  • The current Education system of country favours the BE/BTech competition. Due to pre-condition competition, it is a given that most non-medical students will opt for this path in future.
  • Social structure automatically places BTech and BE graduated at the top of the society.
  • A successful Engineering carrier guarantees you a healthy lifestyle with all your needs met.
  • if nothing else, you can start your small establishment to meet all your needs.

So, if you are looking for a solid education, then BTech might be your pick, and you constantly need to check for updating B. Tech programs. Choosing a right program and right college is the safest and shortest route to success. It will make sure you have –

  • Best education in the field which will attract companies to you.
  • Best internships which will give your best future options.
  • Best placement offers after you finish your degree
  • Best higher Education options for your Masters and specialization
  • Best training opportunities to polish your skills.
  • Best ways to keep yourself updated with latest market technology

Did you know, Latest date to apply for BE/B.Tech program is 20th may, 2018- TIET. B. Tech admission 2018 has already started, and if you haven’t checked B. Tech admission last date, you need help. Keeping updated to your dreams is the first step into getting a prosperous future B. Tech carrier.Why you need to be updated in your JEE information

Always keep checking for new options and don’t let your JEE score disappoint you. Keep on checking for course offers, and you’ll find your call one day.

BE-BTech 2018 Admission last date is 20-May. Apply Now!!

MBA Admissions 2018: Best college in India for MBA

MBA Admissions 2018: Best college in India for MBA

A wise man once said, “education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today.” This is why one must never stop any endeavor to learn. But what comes next after college? This is where one searches for the best MBA college. Looking for the right educational institution might be a tad complicated. One has to take into account several factors in the search. Here are some of them:

MBA Admissions 2018: Best college in India for MBA

  1. Take Some Reflection Time – This may sound hogwash to those who are looking for MBA colleges in India. But this would help a lot especially since it can help them determine if they are ready to take that next step. The MBA program can be really bloody, which is why a person who wants to make that jump must take time to reflect. They have to ask themselves where they are with regards to their profession as well as geography wise. They must take into account the physical location of the school because it might not be wise to travel such a long way from work to school. They must also ask themselves where they want to be in the future. Then lastly, they should also ask themselves how they will get there. If they find that proceeding to a graduate study can greatly help them reach their goal, then they can proceed to the next phase which is finding the right school.
  2. Perfect Match – There are numerous MBA colleges in India. Their mere number would overwhelm anyone who wants to proceed to a graduate program. But this does not have to be the case. The person, who wants to pursue their graduate degree, does not even have to resort to studying abroad. There are plenty of awesome graduate schools in the country. One just have to diligently search for the right MBA program. If a certain school offers the program that will help one pursue their dreams, then it is high time to take the next step.
  3. Getting Better Acquainted – Before one asks for the requirements for the MBA admissions 2018, it is prudent to know more about the institution itself. One has to ask the following questions:
  • What is the total tuition fee for the entire MBA program?
  • How long will it take to complete the program?
  • How many students are there in one class?
  • Are there available scholarships?
  • What is the percentage of completion?
  • Who are the professors? What are their qualifications?
  • Are there academic specializations offered?
  • What is the base salary of those who have completed the program?
  • Is there an existing alumni network?

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Now that you know the different factors that one has to consider before asking for the requirements for the MBA admissions 2018, you should not hesitate to take that leap of faith. This is where LM Thapar School of Management comes in. We take pride in the MBA program that we offer as it has boost the careers of our numerous alumni. For additional information, please click on the link

Handmade Products made by Special Children at MBCN

Handmade Products made by Special Children at MBCN

The sheltered workshop conducted at Mata Bhagwanti Chadha Niketan gives a platform to the special children to get vocational training and, at later stages give them suitable employment. In order to make our vocational trainees economically independent we are running a sheltered workshop where they make eco-friendly paper products under supervision of rehabilitation professionals. The profit earned by the products sales is equally divided among them every month. They are actively involved in production and gain a sense of self-worth and, more importantly, economic independence. Above all, the trainees become a contributory member in the income generating activities of their family and a productive member of the community at large.

Handmade Products by Special Children

Office items
Special children at MBCN work in sheltered workshops and create many products that are useful as office stationary items. These include pen stands, photo frames, small notebooks, slip pads, paper folders and files.

Gift items
Children at MBCN create different items that are used as gifts. Jewellery boxes of different shapes and sizes, wall hangings, chocolate boxes and baskets. These items are already popular among many corporate houses and organizations as festival gift items.

Other items
Paper bags of different shapes and designs, designer envelopes are other products created at the sheltered workshop at MBCN.

Enabling the differently-abled through MBCN ekart! It’s beautiful how a simple technology solution can help someone lead a life of dignity and financial security. To encourage their efforts, shop online at

LM Thapar School of Management – Admissions 2018 Open For Doctoral Programmes

LM Thapar School of Management – Admissions 2018 Open For Doctoral Programmes

Thapar School of management has announced admissions in various programs for the year 2018. These programs are specific to doctoral courses. According to the administration of LM Thapar school of management, the dates for PhD admission 2018 has been finalized. The applicants should keep in mind that the last date for the submission of application forms is 2nd July 2018 on Monday. It is noted that interviews will be held for selection of PhD programmes at the LM School of Management.


Applicants are advised to submit their application forms well before the last date to avoid any complication. Further, it should be noted that the shortlisted candidates will be notified by an email on the 5th of July 2018. The entrance test date will be 10th of July. Candidate should keep in mind that they must bring original documents on the day of entrance test, As interviews of successful candidates will be held on the same day. The successful students will be informed on the same day as well.


The LM School of Management is considered to be the epitome of advanced learning and development in the areas of management and engineering. The management school claims that their teaching methodology is much superior to other similar institutions in terms of quality and standards. It offers some of the best places for students to explore their capabilities in line with modern challenges. This is a place where students come and change their future for good. Among PhD programmes, two types are offered, including one for presidential candidates and the other one for executives. The PhD courses are offered in a healthy environment in line with industry standards.

Click here for online application form 2018 for MBA, MPhil and Ph.D. Programs:
The school administration holds that the institution offers high-quality learning standards that will help students to change their behaviour towards a traditional method of rote learning. The school also claims their programmes are meant to empower students to approach the common life challenges with courage and tact. According to the, their teaching environment will enhance the analytical skills of students by stimulating their behaviour towards creative and advance knowledge.


LM Thapar School of Management -Admission Open for PHD-MBA-MPhil-2018
The management school has arranged the syllabus and academic schedule in a way that it will put an end to traditional and old learning procedures. It is aimed at equipping students with handy tools and techniques so that they can handle any challenges from various domains.
Well, you need not wait for the last date to apply. Early completion of the application procedure will help the students to prepare themselves in a better way for entrance tests and interviews.
For any query related to PhD admission 2018 feel free to email or contact them via phone.

Reference Website:

India has second highest no of institutes in Times’ University rankings table 2018

India remains the second most represented nation – after China – among the 42 countries across four continents in the Times Higher Education (THE) Emerging Economies University Rankings 2018.

Forty-two Indian institutions have made it to the 2018 table, a significant increase from 27 in the previous year. Times Higher Education ranking comprises more than 350 universities, expanded from 300 last year.

Indian Institute of Science, Bengaluru, at number 13 (up from 14) has taken the top spot among Indian institutes, while several others have climbed the charts, including IIT Kharagpur which has jumped 26 places to break into the top 50 at No 45. IIT Bombay maintains its position at number 26.
Overall, NIT Rourkela has gained the most, jumping 57 positions to grab the joint No 138th spot, courtesy improvements in research influence and citations. Tezpur University has climbed 41places to break into the Top 100 at joint 99th place, thanks to improvements in its teaching environment and research influence.

Top-Engineering-College-in India
“India has reached a pivotal juncture. It is ambitious and has undoubtedly the potential to emerge as a key player in global higher education in the coming years,” said Phil Baty, editorial director of  THE Global Rankings in a statement. “The government’s Institutions of Eminence initiative could certainly elevate selected universities on the global stage and may begin to narrow down the gulf with China in this ranking. But sustained investment, a relentless drive to attract leading global talent, and a reinforced emphasis on international benchmarking will be crucial to realising its global ambitions,” he said.

On the flip side though, the majority of India’s previously-ranked institutions have slipped in the rankings, and both IIT Madras and IIT Delhi have fallen out of the top 50. The nation remains the third most represented in the Top 200 – behind China and Taiwan – but it has slipped to the 17th spot from 19th.
Among the institutes to enter the rankings for the first time are IIT (ISM) Dhanbad at the joint 146th place. IIT-BHU, Jamia Millia Islamia, University of Kerala and Pondicherry University have made their debut in 201-250 band while Thapar University ( and VIT are in the 251-300 group.
Other institutes that have entered the rankings this year include Annamalai University, Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University, Anantapur, University of Mysore and Tamil Nadu Agricultural University in the 301-350 band while GB Pant University of Agriculture and Technology, Pantnagar, GITAM University, PSG College of Technology, SASTRA University, Sathyabhama University and SRM University bring up the rear in the 351+ group.
China dominates the ranking: it has 63 institutions represented, up from 52 in the previous year. For the fifth consecutive year, Peking University leads the table, with Tsinghua University ranked at number two.



MBCN celebrates 18th Foundation Day, launches App for special kids

NOIDA: Mata Bhagwanti Chadha Niketan (MBCN), a charitable school for specially-abled children, on Thursday celebrated 18th Foundation Day.

MBCN celebrates 18th Foundation Day

The School also launched Vaakya (, a picture based app designed for people/students who are speech impaired, and those affected by autism. The app can be customised by the user according to their special needs and doesn’t rely on internet connectivity.

Multiple user accounts can be created by adding multiple students to the application with unique actions and speech specifications as per individual users. It is available on Google Play Store for free of cost.

Manpreet Singh Chadha, vice chairman, Wave Group said that the App will help the specially-abled children in communicating efficiently as it is picture based. “It will help people who are speech impaired, affected by autism, cerebral palsy and various other mental and physical conditions,” he said.

The school also launched a shopping portal integrated with its website – – which allows customers to buy hand-made products made by the special children of the school under the programme – Swayam. The handmade products include wedding gifts, packaging items, office stationery, paper bags and other gift products which will now be available online for sale. Continue reading “MBCN celebrates 18th Foundation Day, launches App for special kids”

Nurturing the ASD Sibling Relationship

Having a caring sibling is great for your child with #Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). But make sure that you’re not neglecting your typical child’s needs and also giving them enough quality time. Your child with autism needs extra attention, but your typical child needs you too! #AutismAwarenessDay

B.Tech Civil Engineering Admission 2018

B.Tech Civil Engineering Admission 2018

B.Tech in Civil Engineering is a branch of engineering that deals with design, construction and maintenance of physical infrastructures like roads, buildings, bridges, canals, dams, railways etc. With an increasing need to develop and maintain India’s infrastructure, which is lagging in all aspects, this field is gaining significant prominence in the industry.

Course Duration:

Generally institutes/universities offer the B.Tech Civil engineering programme for a duration of 4 years.

Admission Criteria:


For admissions in B.Tech Civil Engineering, following are the criteria for eligibility:

I. The candidate has passed 10+2 or an equivalent examination with at least 50% marks in aggregate of three subjects, namely, Physics, Mathematics and any one subject out of Chemistry, Biology, Biotechnology and Technical Vocational subject. Continue reading “B.Tech Civil Engineering Admission 2018”

B.Tech in Chemical Engineering Prorgam 2018

B.Tech in Chemical Engineering Prorgam 2018

Chemical engineering is a branch of engineering that involves various aspects of plant design and operation, including safety & hazard assessment, process design & analysis, control engineering, etc. The programme uses principles of chemistry, applied physics, life sciences, applied mathematics and economics to efficiently use, produce, transform and transport chemicals, materials and energy.

Chemical engineering is also concerned with pioneering valuable new materials and techniques such as nanotechnology, fuel cells and biomedical engineering. It includes designing, improving and maintaining of the process that involves chemical or biological transformations for large-scale manufacturing purposes.


Continue reading “B.Tech in Chemical Engineering Prorgam 2018”

MBA Application Form 2018 – LM Thapar University

MBA Application Form 2018 – LM Thapar University

We, at Thapar University, have opened our MBA Application Form for 2018. The online MBA admission form gives students access to a huge range of MBA qualifications. You can apply now to undertake Thapar University’s MBA in:

Marketing and Business Consulting
Information Systems
Human Management
Entrepreneurship and Family Business
Education Management and Leadership
Human Resource Management
Energy and Sustainability

We are proud on our MBA qualifications. We believe they prepare the next generation of ethically responsible professionals who will guide the business through the 21st Century. We design our courses with a global perspective, using case studies from around the world, focused workshops, lectures, and more to provide a learning experience that can move every individual forward. At Thapar University we take our responsibility for developing the future business and thought leaders seriously. We give all our students the personal attention they need to thrive and succeed in this competitive world.
LM-Thapar-School-of-Management-MBA-form2018 Continue reading “MBA Application Form 2018 – LM Thapar University”

UPES Students Win Global Aerospace Competition-CanSat 2017

A team of students from the University of Petroleum and Energy Studies (UPES) India took home the highly coveted top prize in the CanSat 2017international engineering competition. CanSat is a prestigious annual satellite design-build-fly competition organized by the American Astronautical Society (AAS) and the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA). Forty teams from across the world competed in the finals held in Texas, USA recently.


As the name suggests, CanSat or Canister Satellite involves building of a “satellite in a can.” During CanSat, teams have to design and build a device following the mission statement provided by the organizing committee and finally, launch it at the competition site. The UPES team developed a solar powered science glider that traveled through the planetary atmosphere, sampled atmospheric pressure, temperature, speed etc. and sent the readings of the gathered data wirelessly to the ground station. Team Astral’s overall score was 96.32 percent. Their project was evaluated in five areas: preliminary design review, critical design review, pre-flight readiness, launch operations and post flight review. Continue reading “UPES Students Win Global Aerospace Competition-CanSat 2017”

UPES organises 2nd Law Round Table in Delhi

UPES organises 2nd Law Round Table in Delhi

UPES College of Legal Studies (CoLS), a distinguished institution in the field of law producing competent and strong legal professionals for the future, is organizing their ‘2nd Law Round Table’. The event is scheduled to be held on the 28th of July in National Sports Club of India, New Delhi.

The objective of the event is to promulgate and discuss the importance of legal professionals who can support the functioning of giant core sector industries. The industry is in need of experts who can actively take on these roles and can meet standing challenges and set newer benchmarks.

UPES Law Round Table conference will have thought provoking sessions on issues being faced by the legal community, and there will be enough opportunity for networking and socializing with industry colleagues.

UPES-2nd-law-Round-Table-Delhi Continue reading “UPES organises 2nd Law Round Table in Delhi”

UPES Dehradun Places 91% Students With Highest Package Reaching Rs 29.76 Lakh

UPES Dehradun Places 91% Students With Highest Package Reaching Rs 29.76 Lakh

University of Petroleum and Energy Studies (UPES) concluded its campus placements for the academic year 2016-17 on a high note with record placements of 1,447 students and 1,527 offers. Overall, 91 per cent of graduates who were eligible and opted for placements have been placed with the highest package of Rs 29.76 lakhs.

More than 325 domestic and international companies offered career opportunities to UPES students this year. 56 per cent of these recruiters were first timers at UPES.

Placements at 3 constituent colleges of UPES — College of Engineering Studies (CoES), College of Management and Economic Studies (CoMES) and College of Legal Studies (CoLS) stand at 90 per cent, 94 per cent and 85 per cent respectively.

upes_placement-2017 Continue reading “UPES Dehradun Places 91% Students With Highest Package Reaching Rs 29.76 Lakh”

Indian students beat Princeton, 38 other varsity teams to win global aerospace competition

A team of students from Dehradun-based University of Petroleum and Energy Studies (UPES) has won the prestigious CanSat competition held in Texas this month. The students competed with 40 institutions from across the world, including Ivy League Princeton University, to grab the first position in the largest space-related competition for undergraduate students.


In results of the design-build-launch competition declared on June 11, the second rank was also bagged by an Indian University – VIT University in Tamil Nadu. The competition is organized annually by the American Astronautical Society (AAS) and American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA) with support from the NASA Goddard Space Flight Centre and US Naval Research Laboratory. Among the institutions that participated this year were Arizona State University, Texas A &M, Virginia Tech and University of Toronto.

Capture.PNG Continue reading “Indian students beat Princeton, 38 other varsity teams to win global aerospace competition”

Masters Degree program offers in UPES Dahradun

UPES is a university in fields of power, energy, infrastructure, information technology, transportation and logistics, legal studies, planning and architecture and public policies. UPES has emerged as an innovative institution helping students develop skill sets which give the students an edge to be readily chosen in their respective field of study.

upes-logoThe main advantage of studying at UPES is that they use innovative and updated curricula, advanced teaching methodologies and focus research India. The university is well known for offering best academic Uttarakhand in Dehradun, to best job exposure
UPES have achieved great milestones, the most notable being the only university in Asia to receive the World Oil Award in the year 2013. It is also the only University in Uttarakhand to have a Workover Oil Rig in campus. The Global University Rating System also recognizes UPES. It has awarded a five star rating for employability and facilities and four stars for teaching. The university also has great academic collaboration with giants in the IT sector such as Xebia and IBM. Continue reading “Masters Degree program offers in UPES Dahradun”



University of Petroleum and Energy Studies (UPES) has launched three new industry relevant undergraduate programmes from the current academic session. The new courses are:

The new courses are below :


               BA Economics with specialisation in Energy Economics

               BBA Accounting and Information Systems

              BCA with integrated training to earn industry certifications from                                     Microsoft/SAP/Oracle/Cisco


For BCA: 50% marks in Class X and XII with mathematics/computer science/IT as one of the main subject in Class XII

For BBA Accounting and Information Systems: Minimum 50% marks at Higher & Senior Secondary level (10th & 12th)

For B.A Economics: 50% marks in Class X and XII — All Streams

To apply, visit

UPES Launches Experience Zone Centers

What helps an aspirant to decide for his academic career? There could be a number of factors that may affect taking this decision of his life whereby he chooses to opt for any program and subsequently the college. UPES understands this dilemma of an aspirant. To felicitate his decision, UPES has adopted an unique approach to help him understand UPES and its offering better through launching various Experience Zone Centers in Delhi/NCR.


The objective of these centers is to provide more personalized counselling to potential students and their parents. These will cater to their various needs related to admission procedures/ form filling/ career guidance and more importantly a virtual walk through the campus.

To know about the locations and address, register here or visit UPES website to know more about University and its offering.

UPES Adimssions 2017 are open. Interested candidates may apply here

Institute of Engineering and Technology – Thapar University


India has been on the move to favorably compete with other great countries that have deep roots of engineering. To achieve this, they started with the basic foundation which is the training institution. Sometimes back, they awarded chatters to various institutes of technology. Thapar University was one of the major beneficiaries to this.

Ever since then, the university, which was formerly known as Institute of Engineering and Technology, has been on the move to make India realize its engineering goals. This can be well seen by the number of prominent engineering professors who head major government programs, racing their roots back to the University, either as tutors or went through as students

The Director in the university Engineering department was quoted saying that the institution has been working very hard in order to reach such high levels of the admitting students. However, in order for the institution to provide the students with practical knowledge of the subject, training programmes with joint supervision from the University and the industry are conducted. With regard to this, the institution bargains for industrial attachments for its students. This comes with ease since most organizations are ready to absorb this highly trained undergraduates and impact them with the real experience skills.

The university lays a considerable measure of concentrate on the part of the business in updating the course educational modules to carry it at standard with the business requests. Individuals from different corporate houses are a piece of Senate and different bodies at Thapar Institute of Engineering and Technology University. They are in charge of outlining and arranging the course educational programs took after at the college.

For Admissions 2017 Details Visit:

UPES 2017 B.Tech Admission Notification: Apply Online

University of Petroleum and Energy Studies (UPES) has released notification for the University level entrance examination. The university is located in Dehradun for students to get admission into 37 Bachelor of Technology programs. Candidates who are interested can check the eligibility criteria and other important details from the article and apply online from the direct link provided below.


UPES B.Tech Admission 2017 Notification:

The University of Petroleum & Energy Studies is located in Dehradun, Uttarakhand which is an Indian University well known for its education and research in fields of energy and power. There are few sectors that the university is expanding like Information Technology, Transportation, Public Policy, Design, Architecture, Business and Legal studies. Every year it conducts various examinations for the admissions into different programs. This year it has released notification for the B.Tech admissions.

The candidates who are willing to apply should go through the notification and check the eligibility criteria like educational qualification, exam pattern, admit card, etc. If you meet all the eligibility criteria you can proceed further and apply for the entrance examination.

Name of the Organization: University of Petroleum and Energy Studies (UPES)

Name of the Course: B.Tech

Category: Admission

Educational qualification:

The candidates should be holding minimum 60 per cent marks at higher and senior secondary level (class 10 and 12) and minimum 60 per cent aggregate in physics, chemistry and mathematics at senior secondary level (class 12).

Those with board merit having minimum 80 per cent marks at higher and senior secondary level (class 10 and 12th) and minimum 80 per cent aggregate in physics, chemistry and mathematics at senior secondary level (class 12) or JEE merit with minimum 60 per cent marks at higher and senior secondary level and minimum 60 per cent aggregate in physics, chemistry and mathematics at senior secondary level are also eligible to apply.

Important Date of UPES B.Tech Exams:

Events Dates
UPES 2016 Application Form Available from Started
Last Date for the submission of Application Form 3rd May 2017
Admit card Downloading start from 9th May 2017
UPESEAT 2016 Exam Date 13th May 2017
Result Announcement date first week of June 2017
Date of Counselling for Board Merit Students third week of June 2017
Non-Exam JEE Main Merit & Non-Exam Board Merit for  B.Tech course second week of June 2017
UPESEAT 2017 Counseling for JEE Main candidates third week of June 2017
UPESEAT 2017 Counselling start from Fourth week of June 2017

 UPESEAT Exam Pattern:

The exam is an objective type which contains Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, English Language Comprehension, current affairs in it. The exam is for 3 hours time duration i.e,. 10 a.m to 1 p.m. There is no negative marking for the wrong answer. Each question carries 1 mark all together there are 200 marks.

How to Apply For UPES BTech Admission 2017?

  • Visit the official website or the direct link provided below.
  • The homepage will be displayed.
  • Click on UPES BTech Admission 2017.
  • Read the official notification carefully.
  • Fill all the details correctly in the provided fields.
  • Click on submit button.
  • Download/ Take a printout for further reference

Click here for apply online for UPES 2017 admission  


Design a Successful Career with M.Des Interaction Design

M.Des Interaction Design program is aimed at equipping the students with the capability of creative conceptualization of various kinds of Interfaces and Interactions (styles & forms) in various domains for specific kinds of users;- the process will include, user research, knowledge of certain fundamentals, their application methodologies in realizing newer forms of Interaction in the physical as well as in digital media.

SODS (1)

What is Interaction Design?

It’s the age of digital natives. From something as simple as booking a cab on your mobile or shopping online to high-tech world of ‘Internet of Things’ there is a continuous evolution of technologically advanced ‘smart’, ‘intelligent’ products and processes. Interaction Design involves creation of more intuitive user interfaces; using digital technology for better service experiences and creating market opportunities for new design interfaces.

What will you learn?

The two year M.Des in Interaction Design program at School of Design Studies, UPES would focus on theoretical knowledge and professional skills to understand fundamentals of design and its application on various digital products- mobile websites and apps, web based products & solutions in different industries including gaming, education, transportation, healthcare, banking and retail. Students will learn about user interface/ user experience and develop in-depth understanding of factors that influence Interaction Design. These include, Information Design, Information Architecting, Graphics & Various forms of visual media, the concepts of ‘Inclusion’ and ‘Service Design’. Students will also have the opportunity to work on multiple design projects.

What are your career opportunities?

According to international reports user interface design is no. 1 out of 7 in-demand careers for design and planning, with job growth of upto 30%. Large organizations including the likes of Apple and Facebook have focused and invested in design to set themselves apart from the competition to grow.

With a professional degree in Interaction Design you can look for jobs as Design Manager, Principle User Experience Designer, Creative Services Manager, User Experience Architect, Mobile Interaction Designer in various industries. You can get to design and develop smart products and systems for the digital world, web-based products, interfaces for on-line transactions, interface for control- display panels industrial control systems etc.

How can you apply at School of Design Studies, UPES?

Eligibility Criteria:

a) Minimum 50% marks at Higher & Senior Secondary Level (10th & 12th)

b) B.Des/ B. Tech / BE in any discipline / B. Arch / BFA 4 years with minimum 50% marks

c) Valid CEED 2016 or 2017 score or valid UPES Design Aptitude Test (UPES – DAT) score followed by Personal Interview and presentation on the work portfolio.

Candidates having valid CEED-2016/2017 Score will be exempted from UPES – DAT Online Test.

For more details and to apply visit:

UPES alumnus leads Navy contingent in New Delhi


Lieutenant Hitesh Joshi, an alumnus of University of Petroleum and Energy Studies (UPES), made his alma mater proud by leading a 144 strong marching contingent of the Indian Navy at the 68th Republic Day parade in New Delhi on January 26.

UPES media affairs director Arun Dhand said Hitesh Joshi was with the university from 2012 to 2016 and completed his BTech in electronics engineering. He along with four other students of that batch was recruited from the campus by the Indian Navy in their final semester. Hailing from Lucknow, Hitesh is the fourth generation of his family to join the defense forces.

He had joined the UPES after completing his secondary education at Army Public School at Ambala Cantonment. Hitesh was an all rounder and participated in both co-curricular and extracurricular activities during his tenure in the UPES.

His father Colonel NC Joshi and mother Usha Joshi were present in New Delhi to witness the parade.

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NITI Aayog and UPES sign MoU


There has been a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) signed between NITI Aayog and University of Petroleum and Energy Studies (UPES), Dehradun. This is supposed to provide a framework for cooperation between NITI Aayog and UPES, for collaborating, designing, developing and conducting consultative policy dialogue, as also business research to promote and enable high-level energy prices and technology in India.


According to a release, NITI Aayog and UPES will collaborate to enhance the capacity of Indian states and develop the suitable outreach and communications materials, including energy efficiency, market and policy briefs, newsletters and reports showcasing the progress.

As per Prasoom Dwivedi, head of the Department of Economics and International Business, College of Management & Economic Studies at UPES, the University has been working with NITI Aayog, and the two are jointly studying the impact of renewable penetration on grid integration in India and Japan, as also the implication of clean coal technologies’ (CCT’s) energy scenarios of India and Japan.

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UPES enters into academic partnership with Xebia IT Architects India

UPES announced entering into an academic partnership with Xebia IT Architects India today to introduce two new full-time B.Tech in Computer Science Engineering (CSE) programs starting the academic year 2017-18.

These programs are B.Tech (CSE) with specialization in DevOps and B.Tech (CSE) with specialization in Big Data. Academic collaboration with Xebia is the latest in a series of partnerships that UPES already has with leading industry giants such as IBM, L&T, Mahindra & Mahindra, Philips Carbon Black Ltd., Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Ltd. and KPIT.


As per the MOU signed, subject matter experts from Xebia will help UPES design curriculum for the programs and train select faculty of the University to ensure up to date technical knowledge is imparted to students pursing these courses. Xebia will also provide knowledge support in tech talks and seminars by industry experts to connect student’s learning with the industry.

Commenting on this collaboration, Mr. Anand Sahay, CEO, Xebia said, “DevOps and Big Data are emerging technologies not just in India but globally and there is a growing demand for professionals who are experts in these fields. We appreciate UPES’ commitment towards delivering industry aligned programs and are excited to join hands with them in developing the right talent.

We strongly believe that industry-academia partnership is the only way to resolve employability issues of today’s educated youth. Such partnerships help bridge the widening disconnect between what students are learning and what they are supposed to know when they join a company.”

Talking about this development, Mr. Utpal Ghosh, CEO and President, UPES, said, “The objective of this collaboration is to contemporise computer science education as per industry expectations to make it more futuristic and outcome focussed.

I am confident that our prospective students will find great value in this tie-up with Xebia, which is an authority in digital transformation with footprints in The Netherlands, U.S.A, France, U.K and India.

For More Information Visit:

For Offical Website of UPES Visit here:

Almora, Pauri Garhwal students visit industries

As many as 38 students from remote villages of Pauri Garhwal and Almora districts visited various industries and science institutions as part of an industrial exposure visit to Dehradun.


Their five-day visit concluded today. Students visited the Regional Science Centre, Jhanjara, University of Petroleum and Energy Studies (UPES), MG Sahani Company and Himalaya Company.

On the first day, the students visited the Himalaya Company where MD Dr S Farooq interacted with students and told them about the importance of science and technology. He explained the working of herbal garden.

University of Petroleum and Energy Studies (UPES).jpg

The second day of their visit was to Regional Science Centre. The students saw The Himalayan Gallery, Innovation Hub, 3D CINEMA, planetarium and did many hands-on activities. On the third day, the students visited MG Sahani Company Selaqui at the pharma city. They had a look at the manufacturing of various medicines.

On the subsequent days, the students visited UPES. Arun Dhand, director of UPES, informed the students about the history of UPES. It was a welcome development that the students from remote villages had visited the university, he said. A documentary on UPES was also shown to the students.

He said the entire industrial exposure visit had been supported by Department of Science and Technology. The objective of the visit was to give students a first-hand experience of the relevance and application of science and technology in everyday life and to make aware the students about the career opportunities after studying science, Dr. Sharma added.

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University of Petroleum and Energy Studies Partners with NITI AAYOG

The University of Petroleum and Energy Studies (UPES) has become the first higher educational Institute to partner the National Institution for Transforming India (NITI) Aayog. Disclosing broad outlines of the memorandum of understanding signed between UPES and NITI Aayog, the university’s media affairs director Arun Dhand said that the MoU will run for the next five years wherein UPES and NITI Aayog would jointly examine the various energy sector issues such as resource availability, production, consumption, sectoral demand, local and global environmental impacts and implication of changes in energy prices and technology.

The MOU also provides a framework for co-operation between NITI Aayog and UPES to collaborate for designing, developing, and conducting consultative policy dialogue and business research to promote and enable high level energy efficiency policy formulation in India by jointly undertaking several collaborative studies, he added.

Prasoom Dwivedi from the College of Management and Economic Studies, UPES informed that university is at present already working with NITI Aayog and jointly studying the impact of renewable penetration on grid integration in India and Japan and implication of Clean Coal Technologies energy scenarios of India and Japan. The main purpose of these two studies is to build scenario for 2032 and 2047 for India and Japan keeping the Intended National Determined Contribution (INDC) commitment of both countries in consideration.

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3rd UPES National Trial Advocacy Competition 2017

3rd UPES National Trial Advocacy Competition 2017

Dates: 17th – 19th February

Venue: College of Legal Studies, UPES, Dehradun

Registration: Interested students may register provisionally by sending an e-mail to showing your willingness to participate in the event, after which we shall revert with the necessary information. Due to the unique format of the competition and requirement of special arrangements, registration is restricted to only 20 teams, which will be strictly on “First Come First Serve basis”.


Important Dates:

  • 23rd December 2016: Release of Proposition and Rules & Regulations
  • 5th January 2017: Last Date of Registration
  • 15th January 2017: Last Date of Clarification
  • 30th January 2017: Last Date of Memorial Submission (Soft Copy)
  • 2nd February 2017: Last Date of Memorial Submission (Hard Copy)
  • 17th February 2017: Inauguration, Registration & Draw of lots
  • 18th February 2017: Preliminary Rounds & Quarter – Final Rounds
  • 19th February 2017: Semi – Final Rounds, Final Rounds and Valedictory Ceremony

Contact: For any queries, please contact us at

Ayush Agarwal: +918755890104 Shreyas Jain: +91-7054407778 P Surya Teja: +91-9000255105 Mohit Mohanty: +91- 9557175818

The Proposition, Rules, Registration Form & Travel Form for the Competition can be downloaded from here:

Visit here for more information on this press release: 

Visit Here For the Offical page of UPES.

UPES, Dehradun announces Rs 3.53 crore scholarships, teaching assistance

The University of Petroleum and Energy Studies (UPES) today announced that it will award a total of 590 scholarships worth Rs 3.53 crore to bright and deserving students for academic year 2017-18.


This year the university is awarding scholarships worth Rs 1.53 crore more compared to last academic year and has included new programmes like Bachelor of Design, Bachelor of Planning and MBA.

There are also special scholarships for Uttarakhand Domicile students and UPES will award scholarships to 150 toppers from Uttarakhand Board as per the eligibility criteria.

Apart from scholarships to under-graduate students, UPES is also offering teaching assistantship to students planning to pursue one of the three post-graduate courses — M Tech, M Plan and M Design.

Eligible students from these courses can earn a monthly assistantship by doing teaching and research related work at the campus for few hours every week.

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UPES Admission 2017 open for UG and PG courses

University of Petroleum and Energy Studies (UPES)-Dehradun has released an official notification inviting all the interested, eligible candidates for admission to Bachelor of Design and Master of Design in Transport Design and Industrial Design programme for the academic session 2017.

All the eligible candidates are requested to apply through prescribed format latest by Friday, February 10, 2017.

Eligibility criteria

Educational qualification:


BDes programme:

All the candidates interested in applying B.Des programme need to be intermediate (class 12) pass from a recognized state board/university with minimum 50 per cent aggregate in physics, chemistry and mathematics at senior secondary level.

Those candidates applying through board merit need to be intermediate (class 12) pass from a recognised state board/university with at least 65 per cent in physics, chemistry and mathematics/biology at senior secondary level.

MDes programme:

All the candidates interested in applying need to possess a Graduate degree in Technology/Engineering / Architectute/ Bachelor of Science (BSc) in design with minimum 50 per cent in aggregate.Also, candidate should have valid CEED 2016 or 2017 score or valid UPESDAT score.

For more details, candidates can check the official notification at

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UPES Power HR Roundtable on Measuring ROI in HR

India has the fifth largest power generation portfolio worldwide but most of the discussions, plans and policies around this sector remain limited to generation, transmission and distribution of power. However, senior executives from leading public and private power companies gathered at the 6th Power HR Round Table organised by the Corporate Relations department of UPES to deliberate on ‘Measuring ROI in HR’.


In his inaugural address Rajeev Bhadauria, Director, Group HR at Jindal Steel and Power Ltd. commented, “Measuring ROI of human resource is as much an art as it is a science but it needs to be measured in the right context as no matter how much organizations get dependent on technology, it cannot replace employees. Human endeavour has the ability to dynamically change the world of tomorrow.”

Mr. Jaidit Singh Brar, Senior Partner at McKinsey and Co., while moderating a CEO panel discussion said “Talent management and HR continue to be top priorities for companies. Agile companies with high employee engagement tend to perform better.”

Others who spoke at the round table were officials from BSES Rajdhani & Yamuna Power Ltd., Lanco Infratech, NTPC and Sembcorp Industries. Ltd., Saviour US Inc and Jindal Steel and Power Ltd.

About UPES

University of Petroleum and Energy Studies (UPES) was established in the year 2003 through UPES Act, 2003 of the State Legislature of Uttarakhand. UPES is recognized by University Grants Commission (UGC) under Section 2(f) of the UGC Act, 1956 and accredited by National Assessment and Accreditation Council (NAAC). UPES offers 79 graduate and post graduate courses in the high-growth sectors like oil and gas, power, infrastructure, information technology, transportation, electronics, high technology, design, business, planning and architecture, public policy, legal studies and more. BBA, MBA, B Tech, M Tech, B Des, M Des, LLB, LLM, B Plan, M Plan, MA and many more are offered under these schools and colleges. Because of its multi disciplinary courses, UPES graduates are a preferred choice for the companies. UPES has maintained a consistent placement track record of 85% placements year on year. This demonstrates UPES’ commitment, quality of students, and the holistic approach of its dedicated faculty. UPES is a QS rated university with 5 Stars for both Employability (placements) and campus facilities and 4 Stars for Teaching.

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UPES Starts New Courses to Impart Smart Skills

With emergence of new job categories following government’s mega initiatives like Digital India, Skill India, Smart Cities and Make in India and to meet changing landscape of businesses, Dehradun-based University of Petroleum and Energy Studies has started several new courses.


“To make the best use of these opportunities, we have launched new programmes having future relevance so that students do not choose just what is prevalent today or what their peers are doing,” UPES CEO-cum-President Utpal Ghosh said today.

Some of the new courses are B.Tech Mechatronics Engineering, B.Tech Fire and Safety Engineering, M.Tech Health, Safety and Environmental Engineering, B.Tech Energy Technology LLB (Hons) with Specialization in Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) and B.A Public Policy & Administration with embedded civil services coaching and test preparation, he said. Continue reading “UPES Starts New Courses to Impart Smart Skills”

International Conference on Health, Safety, Environment, Allied Sciences and Engineering

A two day international conference on Health, safety, fire, environment, allied sciences and engineering would be organised at University of Petroleum and Energy Studies (UPES), Dehradun from Friday.


The main objective of the International conference on advances in the field of health, safety, fire, environment, allied sciences and Engineering (HSFEA 2016) is to promote industrial and work place safety and to focus the latest developments in the field of science and technology aimed at improving Health, and Safety at work place.

The Director, UPES, Arun Dhand informed that the Department of health, safety and environment would organise the two day conference. He said that the conference aims to provide a global platform to the students, academicians, industry personnel and researchers to exchange ideas and innovations.

He further informed that the conference has received good response with more than 100 papers having been submitted from all over India and overseas. The select papers from the conference will be published by “Springer” as a proceedings book volume. The Vice Chancellor of Doon University VK Jain would inaugurate the conference.

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Annual Departmental Event ‘LOGISTIKAS’ Held in UPES


The logistics and supply chain department of College of Management and Economic Studies in UPES celebrated their annual departmental event “Logistikas” on 10 and 11 November. Several competitions included Zaika-e-UPES, Treasure Hunt, Graffiti, Traffic Mania, Counter Strike and Quizita were organized on the occasion. The flag ship event being ‘Traffic Mania’, it was focused on  testing the knowledge and awareness levels of the students on traffic rules and regulations.

Students were tested on several criteria, including their knowledge on traffic signals, road signages and the penalties attracted on violations. The students were also asked to act citizen journalist and report live incidents and cases of traffic violation and cases, including clicking real time traffic violation pictures, in Dehradun city to elaborate on their respective perspectives.

“It was aimed at instilling traffic sense in the youth so that they become responsible citizens. It is an issue of national importance” shared Dr Neeraj Anand, head of logistics and supply chain department.

Delivering a special lecture on logistical issues, Man Singh, Jaswal-CEO Genex drew attention of the audience to the repercussions of the supply chain systems of the country on account of the recent demonetization of the currency.  In his address, he also shared some of his own experiences and challenges he faced being an entrepreneur and how he overcame those challenges.

Explaining the logistics and supply chain process, he drew an analogy to the human body as the optimum supply chain and gave the students a completely new insight on how the human body performs all the functions with the perfect collaboration of the entire organ at the right time and right place with the right amount with paramount efficiency.

Some of the other eminent speakers from the industry also shared their thoughts on the occasion. Siddharth Mathur, global compliance officer at Hellmann Worldwide Logistics in his address discussed on the issues of supply chain and 3PL, the increasing role of third party logistics, the future it holds and implications resulting from recent ban of 500 and 1,000 currency.


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UPES MBA Entrance Examinations 2017

The university will conduct the examinations on February 26, across the country and the admit cards for the following exams will be available for download from February 22, as per the official website.


The University of Petroleum and Energy Studies has released notification inviting interested, eligible candidates to apply for MBA entrance examinations (MET 2017). The candidates can apply online in the prescribed format on or before February 19.

The university will conduct the examinations on February 26, across the country and the admit cards for the following exams will be available for download from February 22, as per the official website. Continue reading “UPES MBA Entrance Examinations 2017”

International Conference on Next Generation Computing Technologies concludes

Dehradun: The three day 2nd IEEE International Conference on Next Generation Computing Technologies (NGCT-2016) organized under the aegis of ‘Centre for Information Technology’ in UPES and has been co-sponsored by “Department of Science & Technology, Government of India”, “Defence Research & Development Organization, Government of India” , “RCPL” and Institute of Electrical & Electronics Engineers, USA concluded in Bidholi Campus of UPES.

In his key note address Dr Michael Coyle, CEO of Avatar Med Vision US, North Carolina, USA shared the recent developments through which contemporary computer technologies have made some major interventions in the Digital Health space towards the benefit of mankind. Some of the interventions demonstrated by him through audio visual aid included “Nano-Retina”, “DNA Nanobots” & “Artificial Pancreas”. Dr P Shekhar, Chairman & MD of Micro Technologies in his talk unleashed the recent developments of next generation computing technologies in the field of secured governance aimed at national E-Governance.

Some of the other key speakers included Dr E G Rajan, President of Pentagram Research Centre, Hyderabad and Scientific Advisor at Helios & Matheson Analytics, USA who enlightened the participants by sharing the role of next generation computing technologies in the domain of Defence Technologies for Home Land security while Dr Piyush Maheshwari, Professor & Head of Engineering at Amity University, Dubai shared his insight on the role of next generation computing Technologies in smart city applications. Continue reading “International Conference on Next Generation Computing Technologies concludes”

UPES honoured Women at ACM-W national conference in Doon

The Association of Computing Machinery – Women (ACM-W) in University of Petroleum and Energy Studies, Dehradun, honoured women in computing at the National conference 2016 of ACM-W India held here today.

UPES Honoured Women at ACM-W National Conference.jpg

With over 164 active chapters across the globe, the Association for Computing Machinery-Women supports, celebrates, and internationally advocates inclusive engagement of women in all aspects of the computing field.

The association provides wide range of programmes and services to ACM members towards promoting contributions of technical women working in the larger global community.

Arun Dhand, Director- Media Affairs of the university, said the ACM –W student chapter in UPES was founded in April 2015 and was a sister body of the UPES-ACM student chapter. UPES ACM-W is a unique blend of aspiration, hard work and a productive working structure. The chapter emphasises on technological awareness and has since its inception been very active in disseminating information on contemporary technological advancements in the domain of computing. It was an outcome of the dedicated hard work and commitment of the team that within a year of its foundation the chapter got selected by ACM-W to host the national conference in University of Petroleum and Energy Studies, he added.

Dr Margaret Burnett from Oregon State University shared her thoughts ‘Research Experience for undergraduates’, ‘Womenomics’ and ‘Gender Inclusive Software’.
Divya K Konoor of IBM India, eminent speaker on the occasion, aired her views on the topic of “Open Stack and Cloud Platforms”.

The celebrations saw participation of students of several institutes from across the country, including DAIICT, Ahmedabad, IIIT Vadodara, Thapar University, Patiala.

Some of the spirited contests and competitions included “Lady Ada – National Level Programming contest”, “Panel discussions”,” Poster WIP (Work in Progress) presentations”, “Hands on coding workshop in Python by IIT Bombay” etc.

Dr Sheila Anand, chairperson ACM-W India, Dr Arati Dixit, Vice-Chairperson ACM-W India and Dr Neelu Ahuja, Dr Nilima and Dr Rashmi Sharma from “Centre of Information Technology” in UPES were present on the occasion.

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UPES Law Students Grab Top Honours at National Moot Court Competition

A team of students from College of Legal Studies, UPES has won the 2nd GNLU (Gujarat National Law University) National Moot Court Competition on Investment and Securities Law, 2016. GNLU aims to provide a platform to young minds to explore the niche area of law. The team was awarded a trophy along with cash prize of INR 55,000.


The team comprising three students pursuing BBA.LLB and BA.LLB degrees were mentored by Dr. Tabrez Ahmad, Professor & Director, College of Legal Studies. The students- Anuraag Mitra (BBA.LLB 3rd Year), Manas Daga (BBA.LLB 3rd Year) and Krishna Pallavi (BA.LLB 2nd Year) not only won the competition but the Best Speaker trophy was also grabbed by a UPES student – Anuraag Mitra. These students have also grabbed internships with Khaitan & Co., one of the biggest law firms in the country.

There is also a growing demand for legal professionals that specialize in Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) and Cyber Laws. Continue reading “UPES Law Students Grab Top Honours at National Moot Court Competition”

Indian Railways: On their way to being 100% differently-abled friendly

Celebrated physicist, the late Stephen Hawking once said, “People with disabilities are vulnerable because of the many barriers they face: attitudinal, physical, and financial. Addressing these barriers is within our reach… But most important, addressing these barriers will unlock the potential of so many people with so much to contribute to the world.”
In a country that has the world’s second largest population, out of which about 80 million people are specially-abled, what is the average quality of life that the country provides to this section of the society? India’s disabled are made further socially vulnerable by attitudinal barriers, and lack of quality education and women’s safety, as they continue to grapple with the challenges of access, acceptance, and inclusion.
As far as travel is concerned, our airports and metros are disabled-friendly, but what about the most mass-friendly means of transport for greater distances – the railways?
The present railway system is not equipped with enough facilities to support specially abled people. However, efforts are now being made to do the same. Indian railways is planning to introduce many facilities for differently-abled passengers at stations.
Here are some changes that are being planned:
-Standard ramp for barrier free entry.
-Earmarking at least two parking lots.
-Non-slippery walkway from parking lot to building.
-Signages of appropriate visibility.
-At least one toilet (on the ground floor).
-At least one drinking water tap suitable for use by persons with disabilities (divyangjan).
-At least one ‘May I Help You’ booth.
-Provision of facility for inter-platform transfer.
-Engraving on edges of platform.
Apart from these changes (in the pipeline) to make train travel more convenient for the specially abled people of the country, Indian railways also provide a reservation quota. The reservation quota of two sleeper class berths is earmarked in all trains running on non-suburban sections for persons with disabilities performing their journey on a ‘handicapped concession’ ticket.
Orthopedically handicapped or paraplegic people who cannot travel without an escort, blind persons traveling alone or with an escort for any purpose, and mentally challenged individuals who cannot travel without escorts can avail up to 75% concession in second class, sleeper, first class, 3AC and AC chair car, and 50% concession in 1AC and 2AC. 25% concession is also available for specially abled passengers in 3AC and AC chair car of Rajdhani and Shatabdi trains. Deaf and dumb persons travelling alone or with an escort can avail up to 50% concession in 2nd class, sleeper and 1st class. The person accompanying the handicapped person as escort is also allotted a berth out of this very quota. There are separate counters at each Passenger Reservation System (PRS) centre for such bookings. For more information on the amount of concession for different categories, one can visit the IRCTC website.

Details of Skill Development NGO in India

India is a fast-paced growing economy and it surely requires the development of its skilled community to cope up with the ever growing challenges. In today’s world, competitive edge is determined by the skill set of the people and their ability to create and propagate knowledge effectively. India needs to develop a skilled workforce which is more analytical and flexible, and has a drive for growth and innovation.
To cope up with the growing economic challenges and develop the flexibly talented workforce, Indian government and private organizations are contriving hard for the skill development of its citizens. The concept of lifetime learning for solidifying core and technical abilities is in action and is far more penetrating than before. In order to attract the industrial investments from around the globe, it’s become quite important to enhance skill development programs across India, in the context of globalized economy.
The Ministry of Labor and Employment-MOLE which is one of the oldest ministries of India is putting a great deal in promoting skill development across rural territories. It offers employment opportunities to the unskilled workforce and help them learn basic skills through practical understanding of the tasks.
Ministry of Skills Development and Entrepreneurship- MSDE has been building vocational training frameworks with an agenda of building new skills as well as upgrading the existing skills, alongside implementing innovative thinking across the workforce. Under this ministry, National Skill Development Corporation- NSDC is acting as a bridge to achieve its vision by building skill development institutes on large scale. It plays a catalytic role by funding and advising to the training institutions.
The organizations matching the same vision as NSDC play partnering roles and as of today, there are 267 training partners and so far, it has been able to develop the skills of over 2 million people in almost 25 industrial sectors.
Furthermore, there are private sector business groups which are putting keen efforts as part of corporate social responsibility in engendering skill development programs in various regions at various scales. One such initiative is taken by Smile Foundation which is one of the hoariest trade association in India. Representing the trade and commerce interests of India, this foundation has recently launched Smile Twin e-Learning Program (STeP). This Program is endeavoring to train youth, which is underprivileged, with the market based skill sets; it also includes some soft skills e.g. computer literacy and personality development, and academic requisites e.g. English and Math.
Thousands of underprivileged workforce from rural and urban backgrounds have been trained through such initiatives. Yes Foundation, Vivid Foundation and Ponty Chadha Foundation can be exemplified in their efforts regarding skill development. These foundation are operating with an objective to make citizens self-reliant through the utilization of available resources. There is also a special focus on entrepreneurship and women empowerment to contribute to the strengthening of economic backbone of the country.
The Ponty Chadha Foundation envisions a self-sustained society through addressing education and skill development needs of the community, other than imparting health, hunger and food security drives. The focus is on the underprivileged and disadvantaged youth.
Through these skill development efforts, India hopes to sustain, grow and cope up with the economic challenges prevailing around.
My Prayer Box Made by the Dedication and Hard Work of Specially Abled Children

My Prayer Box Made by the Dedication and Hard Work of Specially Abled Children

Our society has a knack for degrading and assuming things about our own fellow human beings. Sometimes, our race or ethnicity is used against us. We are deemed ‘unfit’ for society in a plethora of ways. The same happens with women when they are restricted from the public sphere and are beaten and abused if they raise a word against a man. However, what goes unnoticed or unobserved is the fact that each human being present in the society has a special place designed only for him or her. The difference lies in what we idealize in ourselves. Someone’s idea of progress may be different from another person’s idea of the same thing. We may not be able to fully understand a person’s circumstances and prematurely judge them as ‘unfit’.

The very same phenomena or habit of human beings follows special children as well. The first blow comes from their very own parents who are often disappointed in their offspring. Questions like ‘What will they do?’ ‘How will they make a living?’ ‘How will they make friends?’ rush through our minds as if there were a specific objective to follow in life and not doing so will incur doom. The next blow comes from the society. Special children are met will uninviting looks and sympathetic eyes which give the children the impression that they are different and unsuitable for the workings of the machine of society.

The very same children that we deem ‘unfit’ as soon as they are born with a ‘disability’ are the very children who have knocked on our doors today with a very special gift. My Prayer Box is a handmade, wooden box containing 23 puja items for all your praying requirements. This prayer box was made by especially abled children at ‘Swayam,’a vocational training workshop designed for these children at Mata Bhagwanti Chadha Niketan. Do not fool yourself into believing that because this product is made by special children, it will not be as good as you would like it to be. All of the constituents of My Prayer Box are of international standard. Containing all of the items which are required for puja, this box will be the one-stop place for you to go to before you pray. You no longer have to worry about forgetting or misplacing something, they will all be simple in the box.

You can buy Prayer Box online for a cheap price of only Rs. 699. Other than this, these children also specialize in making various other products including handmade tissue boxes as well as envelopes and jewelry boxes. The children, it appears are trying to prove to the world in the strongest terms that though you may be disadvantaged in one area, that’s not the end of life. They have designed this box to prove what differently abled people within our society can do. Get My Prayer Box today and not only will you contribute towards the appreciation of the ingenuity of these young angels, but will also find an easy and direct connection with your higher power.

My Prayer Box

For more information on this prayer box made by specially abled children, as well as other great items designed by these children, feel free to check this site out –